Andrew Hilts Website Developer

Andrew Hilts

Website Developer

Andrew Hilts - Website Developer
My name is

Andrew Hilts

and I am a

Web Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I specialize in creative projects utilizing HTML, CSS and Javascript.


For over 20 years, I have created projects that have not only been functional, dynamic and target audience driven, but I have shown companies and non-profit organizations that creative, high-technology websites and applications can be an integral part of their business strategy. With my knowledge of internet marketing strategies, scripting languages, object orientated programming and current design techniques, I am seeking a rewarding career that utilizes all of my skills and experience, as well as fulfills my need to do something good for the world.

    • Bell Media
    • Three Point Turn
    • CX Interactive
    • Personal
    • Yfactor


CTV Movies and Throwbacks

Web Developer

So you finished rebranding thousands of pages on CTV; what is a developer to do next? How about support the importation and display of tens of thousands of full length movies and classic television shows! Working closely with our video service team and design team, my colleagues and I did just that. Using AngularJS, SCSS, .NET and jQuery, we created the current iteration of movies and classic shows on CTV.

CTV Brand Refresh

Web Developer

Go big or go home! My biggest project to date is definitely the CTV Brand Refresh. Bell Media’s rebranding initiative rolls out and I am handed the keys to CTV. Piece by piece I dissected the user interface creating the code to fuel our design teams vision. Working within Kentico’s .NET framework, I meticulously modified endless amounts of javascript and SCSS to create a new experience viewed by millions of people.

The Comedy Network

Web Developer

Someone has to look after the little guys too! One of my favorite sites that Bell Media runs is the Comedy Network. It gets very little love in the corporate priority list, but every once-in-a-while I get to give it a face lift. This year I got to rebuild some outdated widgets and give the layout a much needed refresh. Using .NET, CSS3 and jQuery, I modernized the look and feel of The Comedy Network to give one of my favorite channels some support.

The Launch

Web Developer

My first project with Bell Media was to create a new user experience within CTV’s Kentico system for the music television series The Launch. By creating new unique widgets within the .NET framework, I was able to prove myself as a direct link between the Bell Media content and production departments and the viewers of The Launch. Using SCSS, AngularJS and custom javascript, I was able to transform templated pages into a brand new experience.


Mobile Developer

My first test at Three Point Turn was to create an iPad presentation to promote a pharmaceutical themed product that could tie in with the services that Three Point Turn offered in software development. My idea was a sleek and clean HTML5 layout, optimized for touch screen devices. Using HTML5 Video, touchswipe.js, dials.js, CSS3 and custom Javascript and jQuery, I was able to create highly usable, cross device compatible presentation.

Giant Eagle

Front-End Developer

Giant Eagle was my first step back into the Sitecore CMS with Three Point Turn as the lead front-end developer. The idea was to create a fully responsive and dynamic jobs portal for the Giant Eagle brand within Sitecore. Using Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, javascript and jQuery, I was able to create fluid templates and dynamic slideshows within Sitecore.

IQ Partners

Front-End Developer

As the need for multiple websites for different devices wains, the need to make a single cross-device and cross platform application becomes ever more important. Add in the complexity of the Wordpress CMS and I have a challenge! Utilizing my skills in PHP, CSS3 and jQuery, I successfully integrated the flexibility of responsive elements into an already customized Wordpress theme.

True Patriot Love

Website Developer

No website developer can pass down an opportunity to help out the families of armed forces members, so when the True Patriot Love foundation approached Cyberplex for a website redesign, I was more than excited to help out. With a big, bold design by Luuk van Baars I used my skills in CSS3, PHP and Wordpress to piece together a visually pleasing, highly functional and informative website for a group dedicated to help the Canadian military, veterans and their families.


Front-End Developer

My first project with a full .NET development team working on the Sitecore platform was for Axsium. As the Workforce Management department of Knightsbridge, Axsium needed a sleek and modern web portal, tied into multiple blogs, documents and event planning tools. My role was to create interactive, usable, searchable and cross browser compliant templates for a vast array of data driven menus, interfaces and pages. My ability to create reusable HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS code fragments to display pixel perfect navigation and layouts helped me focus on learning the Sitecore development process as well as how it functions as a CMS.

Bootcamp Media Website

Website Developer

Pushing my abilities to work with different platforms, Cyberplex had me develop Bootcamp Media’s new Wordpress template designed by Sana Shiraz. It’s dark styling and small complexities were exactly what I was looking for in my first Wordpress integration. With its dynamic sidebars, unique page layouts, custom forms and social media integrations I surprised and amazed my coworkers and managers with my ability to pick up and develop on systems I have never used before.

Dundee Capital Markets

Front-End Developer

As Dundee Capital Markets split from Dundee Capital Wealth, the need to transfer, convert, store and display all the data from their previous system was tasked to Cyberplex. Our solution involved a Sitecore platform with a public facing site, 2 portal sites for research and advisors, and the admin site for data control and utilities. My role was to create reusable templates, code snippets and visual elements to be uniform on every portal page, while maintaining libraries of separate elements, unique to each portal. The project required a strict attention to detail, strong organizational skills and the ability to conceptualize how small objects fit into the big picture. The experience lead me to a greater understanding on the .NET development process as well as hands on experience with the Sitecore CMS.

CX Interactive Website

Website Developer

Not just another wordpress template; the CX Interactive website makes use of big bold images, CSS3 fonts, dynamic navigation and custom page layouts. With heavily modified slideshows and integrated social media tie-ins, the CX Interactive website preserves Wordpress’s functionality while making a truly unique web presence for Cyberplex’s interactive branch.

JagTV Mobile Website

Mobile Website Developer

My first mobile development project with Cyberplex was for one of my favorite luxury car manufacturers, Jaguar. With a stunning design by Sana Shiraz, I was able to develop a fully functional, cross platform, mobile website for, Jaguar’s Canadian video website. Featuring dynamic content, integrated dealership test drive forms and a custom video player fed from YouTube, the JagTV mobile development project is still one of my most valued projects.

Inferno Rose Trailer

Multimedia Designer

The rise of social media led me to my first experimental YouTube video project for the Tribal Gaming Network. The goal was to create a video with 2,000 views in the first 5 months of being released. The project was intended to take over keywords related to the Inferno ROSE MMORPG and brand the Tribal Gaming Network as an innovator in the 3D MMORPG modification community.

Bradford West Gwillimbury

Website Designer

My first project as the designer for Yfactor Inc. was the Bradford West Gwillimbury Office of Economic Development website. The design encompasses a sleek modern design which is tied into Yfactor's awesome iCMS platform. The major focus of the website is to attract businesses to Bradford West Gwillimbury and welcoming them to a clean, professional looking and easy to navigate website is a great start.

Elgin County Tourism

Website Designer

To attract tourist to the beautiful landscapes of Elgin County, Yfactor was hired to build a full tourism website. As the designer, it was my goal to make a fun and attractive website that showcases everything Elgin County has to offer. Using Photoshop CS3 to build the template for Yfactor's iCMS solution, I was able to capture the true majesty of Elgin County through visuals and text, while creating a user friendly and interesting website template.

Dark Herder


As the lead designer, I created Dark Herder as a "viral marketing" case study proving that design and placement alone could replace advertising. The clothing I designed and wore with my team led individuals to our website to obtain more information on our project and our customers. After the monumental success of our first 32 hooded sweatshirts, 3 more designs were implemented as well as the re-creation of the first design in a different color and style. All clothing was sold within six months and North American coverage was obtained.